HP 66102A 0-20 VDC 0-7.5 A PS Module


DC floating voltage: Output terminals
can be floated up to ? 240 VDC from
chassis ground
Remote sensing: Up to half the rated
output voltage can be dropped across
each load lead. Add 2 mV to the
voltage load regulation specification
for each 1 V change in the negative
output lead caused by a load current
Command processing time: The
average time for the output voltage
to change after getting an GPIB
command is 20 ms.
Output programming response time
(with full resistive load): The rise and
fall time (10% to 90% and 90% to 10%)
of the output voltage is less than 20 ms.
The output voltage change settles
within 0.1% of the final value in less
than 120 ms.
Down programming: An active down
programmer sinks approximately 10%
of the rated output current