ICS-4861A-IEEE-488.2/GPIB-to-Analog-Interface ICS-4861A-IEEE-488-


ICS 4861A IEEE-488.2/GPIB-to-Analog Interface

● Provides four floating 16-bit analog outputs with 750 VDC isolation. Controls analog devices without ground loops.
● Four differential analog inputs with individual programmable ranges. Programmable inputs for reading voltage sources, current shunts, sensors etc.
● High current drivers can operate external relays etc. Digital control of external devices.
● Digital inputs read or monitor discrete signals. Generates SRQ on selected signal changes.
● User setable scale factors for analog signals. Matches 4861A commands and responses to real values.

The Model 4861A provides four relay driver outputs and eight digital inputs. The digital outputs are open-collector darlington drivers that sink up to 300 mA . Output #4 can be used as a Fault Output signal to display error conditions. The digital input lines have pullup resistors and accept TTL/ CMOS levels or contact closure inputs. The 4861A can monitor the digital inputs and use the 488.2 status reporting structure to generate an SRQ (Service Request) when a change occurs.

The 4861A’s analog outputs are individually isolated by 750 volts from digital ground. Channel 4 is referenced to the A/D converter ground. Each analog output can be individually set to a 0 to + 10, a ?10, or to a ?5 volt output range. Resolution is 1 part in 216. The analog outputs have separate range, scale factor, offset and limit values that the user can program to match the controlled application.

The 4861A’s analog inputs are four differential signals that multiplexed into a 12 bit A/D converter as unipolar or bipolar voltages. Each input has an individual 10, 1, or 0.1 volts full scale range setting. The analog inputs are scanned at 200s/sec rate and are internally averaged. The averaged readings can be reported as voltages or individually scaled to correspond to the measured parameter, i.e. volts, amps, watts etc. The analog inputs have 750 volts of isolation from digital ground.

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